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Security software company Avast! Recently announced the purchase of anti-virus software company AVG for $25 per share, these two anti-virus software believe you are not unfamiliar.

Avast! "The industry is facing rapid change," CEO Vince Steckler said of the acquisition. "this acquisition allows us to improve the depth and breadth of our technology to provide greater security for current and future customers."

Avast! Think Avast! The acquisition helps the two companies, which share a common understanding of the emerging Internet of things sector, face opportunities and challenges on a larger scale within the cybersecurity industry.

AVG, for its part, said the acquisition would allow it to accelerate investments in growing new markets and that it believed the two companies would strengthen their security claims on devices and data after the merger.

After the acquisition, Avast! And AVG will have 400 million users. To complete this acquisition, Avast! It raised $1.6 billion from credit suisse securities, Jerreries and ubs.

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